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Back to the oil refining is what
May 25, 2018


Oil refining generally refers to petroleum refining. It is used to separate oil from petroleum by distillation to produce fuel oil, such as kerosene, gasoline and diesel oil, which are suitable for internal combustion engines.

The components heavier than fuel oil are chemically transformed into fuel oil through thermal cracking, catalytic cracking and other processes, some of which need to be refined by hydrogenation and other processes.

The most important decompression residue is the production of deasphalting oil and petroleum asphalt by solvent deasphalting process, or the cracking of heavy oil into fuel oil components by delayed coking process, and the by-product of petroleum coke.

In order to increase the light oil yield, the intermediate components of the reaction products are further cracked.

Reverse refining is a side line product between heavy diesel oil and oil slurry, which is closer to the distillation process of catalytic cracking raw material.

When the raw material is light, the refining process is carried out to maintain the heat balance of the regeneration system.