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Biodiesel catalyst
May 21, 2018


Biodiesel catalyst refers to all chemical additives that accelerate chemical reaction, increase oil yield and improve fuel quality in the process of animal and vegetable oils and wastes used in the production of fuel oil.

Generally divided into two major categories, biological catalysts for esterification reaction, and, chemical agents, such as ester exchange method for preparation of biodiesel in the process, you can choose the catalyst has the acid/alkali homogeneous catalyst, enzyme catalysts and solid catalyst 3 categories;

2, used in direct heating oil raw materials, thermal catalytic cracking catalyst, its main function is to long carbon chain of big oil molecules into appropriate diesel molecular structure, molecular weight of such thermal cracking catalyst can under low temperature pyrolysis oil raw materials, reduce the energy consumption and increase the yield of biodiesel, and endowed with biodiesel low-freezing (minus 10-20).