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Btfc Ti-300 Pet Catalyst
Apr 17, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Status: Liquid Catalyst

  • Application Industry: Industry

  • Transport Package: 230kgs/Drum

  • Origin: China

  • Response Type: Polycondensation

  • Trademark: BTFC Ti-300

  • Specification: 2%

Product Description
BTFC Ti300 is a clear, pale yellow liquid comprising of a mixed ethylene glycol and water solution of a high purity titanium based catalyst.
BTFC Ti300 is manufactured by a proprietary route to a unique formulation that ensures the highest purity product for optimum catalytic performance in high IV (>0.7 dL/g) polyethylene terephthalate (PET).
Typical Properties:
Titanium%:  1.9-2.1wt%
Flash Point: >70°C
Specific Gravity(25°C): 1.18-1.25
pH: 1
pH at 2 wt.% in glycol: 3
Solubility: Soluble in glycols water based
BTFC Ti300 is an esterification catalyst for the manufacture of high intrinsic viscosity PET. The product is active for both the direct esterification of terephthalic acid with ethylene glycol, and in the polycondensation reaction of the BHET monomer to form high IV (>0.7 dL/g) PET.
BTFC Ti300 is an easy to handle, non-toxic, water stable liquid that disperses easily in ethylene glycol or water. Recommended product shelf life is 12 months.
Recommendations for use
BTFC Ti300 can be used in the presence of phosphorus-based stabilizers (ca. 18-20ppm P), organic colour correction dyes, reheat agents and other standard PET additives where required. 
BTFC Ti300 can be used for complete antimony catalyst replacement or used in a mixed catalyst system. Typical addition levels are 9-10 ppm 'Ti' based on the weight of the final PET polymer.
It is recommended that the catalyst is added at the beginning of the polycondensation stage of the PET process and at a separate addition point to the phosphorous-based stablizer