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Compteitive Price FCC Catalyst for Processing Crude Oil (TMC-08)
Mar 27, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: TMC-08

  • Response Type: Hydration

  • Usage: Positive Catalyst

  • Manufacturing Method: Spray Dry Method

  • Trademark: Tengmao

  • Specification: TMC-06, TMC-08, TMC-09, TMC-10

  • HS Code: 2818200000

  • Status: Solid Catalyst

  • Classification: Heterogeneous Catalysts

  • Effect Size: Primary Catalysts

  • Application Industry: Industry

  • Transport Package: 800kg/Bag

  • Origin: Shanxi China

Residual Cracking Catalyst TMC-08Residual Cracking Catalyst TMC-08 has some excellent features in cracking residual macromolecule , in the resistance to contamination by heavy metal and salt from residual oil as well as another residual Cracking Catalyst TMC-06. TMC-08 is more suitable for processing paraffinic feed than TMC-06. Because of TMC-08's moderate cracking activity, overcracking is inhibited effectively,using TMC-08 can be obtain more light oil, especially more gasoline as well as less heavy oil and coke.
(1) Two sets of evaluation data about the performance of TMC-08 being given on table 1 and table 2 
The feedstock for evaluation which came from a FCC unit of a refinery in China sampling from the pipe access to the unit. Contrast catalyst A was used in the third FCC unit in a refinery while contrast catalyst B was used in the second FCC unit of the same refinery. Contrast A and B were produced by two famous catalyst factories in China respectively.
Table 1. Evaluation data which feedstock was composed of 75% Shanbei Atmospheric residue and 25% Yulin Atmospheric residue


Contrast Cat A
Contrast Cat B
  Cat/Oil w/w5.925.925.92
 Reaction Temperature500500500
Yieldsm% Dry Gas1.040.921.04
 Heavy Oil8.1719.029.69
   Conversion m%77.6164.2975.88

Table 2. Evaluation data which Feedstock was 100% Shanbei Atmospheric residue

Catalysts   TMC-08Contrast Cat AContrast Cat B
Cat/Oil  w/w5.925.925.92
Reaction Temperature ºC500500500
Yieldsm% Dry Gas1.070.891.09
 Heavy Oil7.6215.068.44
   Conversion m%79.0769.5178.42

(2) The main Specifications of Catalysts TMC-08 list on the table 3
Table 3. The main specifications of Catalyst TMC-08 

1Al2O3 , m%≥ 48
2Na2O , m%≤ 2.0
3Re2O3 , m%5.0 ~ 5.5
4Total specific surface area m2/g≥ 230
5Pore volume  PV , ml/g≥ 0.35
6Apparent bulk density g/ml0.70 ~ 0.80
7Particle Distribution , 0 ~ 20μm , m% ≤ 5

0 ~ 40μm ,m % ≤ 20

0 ~ 149μm , m% ≥ 90
8Average particle size μm D(V , 0.5)65 ~ 80
9Attrition index  % 1/h≤ 3.0
10MA  800ºC/4h , %   ≥ 75

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