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Detailed process of waste tire refining
Jun 02, 2018


The whole machining process: waste tires into the high temperature and normal pressure cracking kettle, adding catalyst after catalytic cracking of waste tires heating and purification, steam distillate oil, break down the oil content and oil content condensate oil to mix, then through precipitation filtering chemical treatment, mixing gradually purification for primary diesel oil.

Conventional technology of production process:

1. Special catalysts are added into the waste oil materials for catalytic cracking at medium temperature. The waste oil and various mineral oil products can achieve cracking effect.

2. The gas components obtained after cracking are further catalytic cracking in the fixed bed to obtain oil vapor;

3. Fractional distillation of oil vapor is carried out, and gasoline and diesel fractions are collected respectively;

4. Refined gasoline and diesel fractions respectively.

By removing impurities, the whole process not only ensures the quality of products, but also simplifies the investment, volume reduction, process simplification and production cycle.

The obtained oil has good quality and high transparency, and can achieve the same effect as mineral water. It contains low carbon content and belongs to unleaded gasoline, which can meet the national standard of no. 93 gasoline.

High yield, the total amount of oil obtained is more than 90% of the weight of waste oil.