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Diesel oxidation catalysts
May 12, 2018

Cerium dioxide is widely known as a combustion catalyst, and the difficulty of using it as a combustion catalyst in practical applications is how to completely dissolve it in diesel and do not produce sediment.

Uk-based nanomaterials group Oxonica had licensed company obtained the basf (Germany), risk investment developed a processing of ceria nanoparticles patent, can make the ceria completely dissolved in diesel, Oxonica had licensed companies on the catalyst to delete a six-month trial, test results was very successful.

The working principle of fuel oil in engine.

Through a filter to remove the impurities, the pump to the carburetor or injection device in the form of a spray into the combustion, by burning to heat engine, engine to convert heat into mechanical work.

The front is associated with fuel combustion, called combustion efficiency;

The following is how much of this heat can be converted to success, and it will be associated with the combustion process, especially the uniformity of combustion, which affects the mechanical efficiency of the engine as a heat engine.

The whole is the process of converting the chemical energy of the fuel to heat energy into mechanical energy.

During the work process of fuel combustion, the combustion process is usually divided into three stages according to the development characteristics of pressure change:

Induction period: from electric spark ignition to the formation of flame center, burning time accounts for about 15% of the total process.

Obvious combustion period: from the flame center to the flame propagation to the burning end, obviously the combustion period determines the power and economy of the engine.

Refuel period: residual oil and incomplete product in fuel, after induction period and obvious combustion period, from cylinder pressure to the end of combustion.

The long combustion period will reduce the economic benefit of the engine.

Fuel quality mainly refers to the performance of fuel in these three processes, and its effect on the final output mechanical work.

Additives are substances that can effectively adjust these three processes, which are essential for fuel consumption, exhaust emissions, and dynamic performance.

Again good fuel, in the process of the use of different conditions will have the phenomenon of incomplete combustion, especially with high pressure, DianPenChe, uniformity of the combustion, carbon deposition, glue and detonation problems become the key factors influencing the engine output, a total of how much.

If you use additives with combustion adjustment and cleaning action, you can delay this phenomenon and increase the efficiency of fuel combustion and mechanical efficiency.

Currently, China's fuel quality is very different from that of the world, and it is also advocated to add functional substances in international standard fuel.

Therefore, it is necessary to add some additives to fuel oil, which can better meet the fuel economy, emission and power, and achieve the effect of environmental protection and energy saving.

Envirox is a patented nanoscale fuel additive that can effectively increase the combustion of diesel in the engine, thus saving energy and greatly reducing the emission of hydrocarbons and particulates.

Envirox is a semi-transparent yellow brown liquid distributed in the carrier of carbon hydrocarbons by the size of ceria particles at 20nm. The content of cerium dioxide in the hydrocarbon carrier is generally 2.0% to 2.45%.

Envirox is added to the diesel engine oil with a ratio of 1:400, and its unique components make the burning of the fuel in the combustion chamber to the maximum extent.

Envirox improves fuel economy by removing sediment and impurities from the engine's surface and reducing emissions of harmful substances.

Envirox improves the efficiency of fuel use to get cleaner engines.

Fuel efficiency can be increased by 4-8%, and carbon dioxide emissions and soot formation are reduced.