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Does petroleum fractionation require the use of a catalyst
Jun 06, 2018


You need a catalyst.

The main components of the catalysts for aluminum silicate, acid active center of catalysis is one of the solid acid catalyst (see). Moving bed catalytic cracking with 3 ~ 5 mm small spherical catalyst. Fluidized-bed catalytic cracking is powder catalyst used in the early, less activity, stability and fluidization performance. 40 s, developed a micro spherical silica alumina catalyst (40 ~ 80 microns), and has made the improvement on the preparation, the 70 s, and developed the catalyst activity higher Y type molecular sieve microspheres (see) oil refining catalysts.

Oil refining, among them, there will be under the action of heat and catalyst in the heavy oil cracking reaction, into the process of cracking gas, gasoline and diesel oil, etc. Raw materials used crude distillation (or other income of oil refining process) of heavy distillates;

Or a small amount of residual oil is mixed into heavy distillate oil and deasphalting residue after deasphalting by solvent.

Or full with atmospheric residue or vacuum residuum. Because in the process of reaction non-volatile types of carbon deposition on the catalyst, condensation of coke, the catalyst activity decline, need to use the air to burn to (see) catalyst regeneration, to restore the catalytic activity, and provides the required heat cracking reaction. Catalytic cracking oil refinery is a heavier one of the main process of oil production of gasoline quality. Produced by high gasoline octane number (motor act 80 or so), good stability, cracking gas, a refinery gas containing propylene, butylene and heterogeneous hydrocarbon.

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