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Heterogeneous catalysis
Jun 26, 2017

Heterogeneous catalysts, also called heterogeneous catalysts, are used in reactions of different phases (Phase), i.e., the reactants that catalyze them are in a different state. For example, in the manufacture of margarine, solid nickel (catalyst) can be used to convert unsaturated vegetable oils and hydrogen into saturated fats. Solid nickel is a heterogeneous catalyst, which is catalyzed by liquid (vegetable oil) and gaseous (hydrogen). A summary of the heterogeneous catalytic reaction containing reactants (or zh-ch: substrate; zh-tw: nsltp2) adsorbed on the surface of catalyst, reactant in the key for fracture and lead to a new bond, but because the bond between the product and the catalyst is not solid, and the product from the reaction process. It is now known that many catalysts have different structures of adsorption and reaction on the surface.