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how to refine diesel
Jun 04, 2018


The collected waste oil is stored in the oil tank for filtration and the first dehydration;

The filtered and dehydrated oil is pumped into another oil tank, and a catalyst consisting of silicon, aluminum, molybdenum, iron and kaolin is put into the tank and stirred evenly.

The oil added with catalyst is then pumped into the no. 1 catalytic reactor for ignition and heating.

Step 3 is repeated after the oil is added into the second catalytic reactor, and the catalytic oil is continuously supplied to the heat tank by the first and second catalytic reactors in turn.

The catalytic oil is provided to the cracking reactor by the hot oil tank.

The cracking gasoline is decomposed in the cracking reactor, and gasoline products are obtained continuously within the range of 120 to 280 degrees Celsius after heating, and diesel products are obtained continuously within the range of 360 to 420 degrees Celsius after heating.

The cracking reactor continuously transports gasoline and diesel fuel to the limpid workshop for limpid treatment.