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How to use different fuel additives
May 26, 2018


First we need to know, not all fuel additive usage and use frequency is the same, some mixed fuel additive contains 50 litres of petrol, and some bottle can mix 80 liters of gasoline fuel additives, some 500 km will need to use a fuel additive, and some 5000 km to need to use a fuel additive, the usage and frequency of the specific fuel additives have label, so make sure it before adding the use of routines.

In addition, the timing of the fuel additives also is to have cultured, usually in the oil in the tank is almost finished, before refueling fuel additive injection fuel tank, so that the fuel oil washing additive uniform, if again after gas injection fuel additives, likely because of the uneven mixture of don't work.

As we mentioned before, there are two types of fuel additives: clean type and maintenance type. How should they be used?

If rushed use clean fuel additives, probably because of conduct "effectiveness" and clean up chunks of dirt, so as to cut the engine internal or plug nozzle, and even blocked three yuan catalysts is not impossible.

So if a new car, due to the carbon deposition will not many, you can directly under a dose of "strong medicine", if some of the old super high models, it is better to use more moderate effect curing additive, maintenance, in order to protect the engine also just as well use a few more times in a row.

In addition, in terms of buy fuel additives, because of the clean fuel additive is made from concentrate and cleaner, in proportion has therefore concentrate purity has become a measure its quality stand or fall of direct judgment standard, this also is the two car tore the focal place of the higher-ups, what could be any dearer fuel additives is more trustworthy, after extensive testing in no small make up recommend, still I can't cut in a word, line not line tried to know, after all, the low purity of fuel additives will not cause damage to vehicles.