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Mxc-27 (delayed catalyst for shoe sole)
Apr 20, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: MXC-27

  • Response Type: Polymerization

  • Usage: Negative Catalyst

  • Application Industry: Shoe

  • Origin: China

  • Status: Liquid Catalyst

  • Classification: Homogeneous Catalysts

  • Effect Size: Delayed Catalyst

  • Trademark: MXC

General Description:
MXC-27 is an amine catalyst diluted in monoethylene glycol. Developed specifically for use 
in microcellular polyurethane foams, it provides the ability to dramatically change processing characteristics.
MXC-27 catalyst has extremely high reactivity in microcellular systems such as shoe soles and
integral skin. It can strongly affect demould time while having little effect on cream time, 
allowing improved processing flexibility for the formulator. When blended with less reactive
catalysts, MXC-27 catalyst offers an extremely wide range of reactivity profiles.

· Extremely high reactivity in microcellular systems.
· Increased processing flexibility due to shorter demould time.

· MEG extended polyester and polyether shoe sole applications.
· Integral skin applications.