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Draw emphasis! The reform signal in the government work report
Mar 06, 2018

At 9:00 on the 5th, the first session of the 13th NPC opened and the Premier Li Keqiang made a government work report. Promote the reform to make new breakthroughs, the report a lot of signal.

1. Vigorously simplify tax cuts and fees, continuously optimize the business environment, further stimulate the vitality of market players and enhance the quality of economic development.

2. The full implementation of the negative market access inventory system. In the whole country, the "separation of licenses and licenses" should be promoted. The emphasis should be on reducing the number of cases according to the relevant laws and regulations, reducing all kinds of permits, and reducing the costs of all kinds of permits. This will further reduce the opening hours of enterprises.

3. Reform and improvement of value-added tax, according to the third gear and two steps to adjust the tax level.

4. Deepen the toll road system reform and reduce the cost of crossing the bridge. Increase intermediary service charges to clean up and rectify efforts.

5. Reform of science and technology management system, performance evaluation to speed up the process from the heavy process to change the outcome. Empower innovative teams and leaders with greater human and financial resources and decision making on technology routes.

6. Deepen the pilot reform of state-owned capital investment and operation of companies and give more autonomy.

7. Promote the reform of the division of responsibilities between the central and local governments and expenditures, work hard to formulate a plan for the reform of income distribution, and improve the system of transfer payments. We will improve the local tax system and steadily push forward the real estate tax legislation. Reform personal income tax.

8. Deepen the reform of multi-level capital markets and promote the development of bonds and futures markets. Expand insurance risk protection function. Deepen the market-based interest rate exchange rate reform and maintain the basic stability of the RMB exchange rate at a reasonable and balanced level.

9. Deepen the reform of the pension insurance system and establish a central adjustment system for the basic old-age insurance funds for enterprises and staff.

10. In-depth promotion of education, culture, sports and other reforms, and fully release the tremendous potential for development in the social field.

11. To reform and perfect the management system of ecological environment, strengthen the control over the use of natural ecological space, promote the system of ecological damage compensation, improve the ecological compensation mechanism, and protect the ecological environment with more effective systems.

12. Implement the policy of a 30-year extension after the second round of land contract expires. Exploring homestead ownership, qualifications, the right to use the separation of reform.

13. Fully copy and popularize the experience of free trade area, explore the construction of a free trade port and build a new high ground for reform and opening up.

14. To expand the range of direct settlement of medical treatment across different provinces across the province, including grassroots hospitals, migrant workers from migrant workers, and foreign employment entrepreneurs.

15. Vigorously promote the reform of the mechanism of integrated law enforcement agencies, efforts to solve the problem of multi-layer repeated law enforcement.

16. Deepen price reform of resource products and public services, break administrative monopoly and prevent market monopoly.

17. Reform and opening up are the key measures that determine the fate of contemporary China and the key to achieving the goal of "two hundred and one hundred years." At the new starting point of history, ideas should be emancipated again, reforms should be further deepened, and opening up should be expanded again.