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Normal Temperature Liquid-Phase Propylene Cos Hydrolysis Catalyst
Apr 10, 2018

Basic Info

  • Status: Solid Catalyst

  • Classification: Heterogeneous Catalysts

  • Effect Size: Primary Catalysts

  • Application Industry: Industry

  • Appearance: Pellet

  • Origin: Xi′an China

  • Response Type: Hydrolysis

  • Usage: Positive Catalyst

  • Manufacturing Method: Impregnation Method

  • Color: White

  • Trademark: Sunvalor

  • HS Code: 6101319065

Product Description


As a new type of COS hydrolysis catalyst used in ambient environment and in tandem with TS-3 zinc oxide 

desulfurizer,It is applicable to catalysis and hydrolysis of trace organic substance such as COS or CS2 in 

liquid-phase propylene so as to realize fine desulfurization and protect the normal work of precious-metal-synthesized catalyst. This type of catalyst not only can hydrolyze organic sulfide, absorb various sulfide

 and form stable compounds, but also remove chloride or cyanide.  

Photo Show

COS hydrolysis catalyst when used with zinc oxide desulfurizer together,can get a better effective.

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