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Oil Catalyst
Mar 24, 2018

Product Description

Waste oil refining catalyst, refining catalyst, refinery catalyst is indispensable in refinery.
After the catalyst reaction, the heavy oil will be converted into the light oil gas.
And you can get about 600 tons oil with only 1 ton of this catalyst. The catalyst can be recycled used again and again.

A: Specific surface(m2 /g): ≥ 250
Specific pore volume(ml/g): 0.25
Intensity N: ≥ 90
α Value: 300-400
Bulk density (kg/l): 0.7
B: Specific surface(m2 /g): ≥ 180
Specific pore volume(ml/g): 0.2
Intensity N: ≥ 200
α Value: 300-400
Bulk density (kg/l): 0.7.