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Orange Powder Ferrocene (102-54-5)
Mar 22, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Appearance: Powder

  • Gas Additive: Petroleum Additive

  • Polymerization Catalyst: Polymerization Catalyst

  • Blood Agents: Blood Agents

  • Specification: in-house standard

  • HS Code: 293190

  • Application: Fuel Additives, Waste Oil And Crude Oil Additives

  • Gasoline Antiknock: Gasoline Antiknock

  • Rocket Propellant: Rocket Propellant

  • Trademark: Weite Ferrocene

  • Origin: Jiangsu, China

Product name: Ferrocene
Molecular formorula: Fe(C5H5)2
Molecular weight: 186.04
CAS: 102-54-5
Physico-chemical property: 
It is orange yellow powder or crystal powder. 

Quality index: 
Content: 98.5%min
Appearance: Orange yellow Crystal powder
Melting Point: 172-174
Fe content: 80ppm max
Insoluble matterin benzene: 0.05%max
Moisture : 0.05%max

1. Ferrocene Used as fuel catalyst for rocket (aeroplane) propellant
Ferrocene can be used as gasoline antiknock (in place of tetraethyl lead) to produce leadless gasoline. 
3. Ferrocene Used in fuel oils such as diesel oil, heavy oil, light oil ect, It can eliminate smoke, save energy and reduce air pollution. Adding 0.1%
4. Ferrocene can promote ammonia synthesis reaction under moderate condition. 
5. Ferrocene As protective agent and stabilizer, it can increase softening point and heat stability of polymer, improve the properties of plastic, fuser, cellulose ect; Protect polyethene, polypropene, polyester ect, from depolymerization caused by ultraviolet. 
6. Ferrocene Used in luminous sensitive materials, it can replace silver on film. Moreover, it can also be used in photosensitive copy and printing with high resolution. 
7. Ferrocene can be used for making large scale integrated circuit board, enhancing light sensitivity by four times, improving accuracy, simplifying technical process, and eliminating pollution. 
8. Ferrocene As photosensitive catalyst, it can promote the photochemical degadation of plastic films, reducing white pollution. 
9. Ferrocene is used as medical ingredients for anticancer, antibiotic, and blood-tonic preparations. Ferrocene can be used for producing fertilizer. 
10. Ferrocene can be used for making quality carbon cellulose. It can be used as biochemical and analytical reagent. 

Packing, S & T: 
25kg/iron drum, 25kg/cardboard box, 25kg/woven plastic bag, 25kg/craft bag, 100kg/iron drum, 125kg/steel drum, or according to customer demand

If you have any inquiry, pls feel free to contact with me: 

Ms. Susie Sun
Binhai Bluesky Chemical Factory 
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