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Production process of waste tyre cracking refining equipment
May 28, 2018


First, to break waste tires into rubber pieces needed for cracking, together with the sulfur transfer catalysts at low temperature by feeder through continuous hot air device into cracker, atmospheric pressure low temperature cracking cracking reaction.

Second, fuel oil and a small amount of combustible gas (after purification, the system will use itself) are obtained after the pyrolysis oil is cooled by the distributor.

Third, the solid product obtained after cracking equipment cracking, crude carbon black and a small amount of steel wire, after magnetic separation, the system will automatically to coarse carbon black carbon black production, then through grinding and a series of processing, industrial carbon black or other high value-added chemical products.

The separated steel wire is treated as scrap steel.

Fourth, combustible gas purification by purification system after all as a fuel for heating system, heating system using waste heat recycling, greatly saves the energy, reduces the equipment operation cost.

The flue gas produced by the production line is discharged to the standard after being purified by the flue gas purification system.