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The actual use of the catalyst
Feb 23, 2018

Catalysts are important and widely used in chemical production, and the catalysts are used to produce fertilizers, pesticides and various chemical raw materials.

In chemical production, scientists' experiments and life activities, the catalyst is very good.

For example, the production of sulphuric acid should be used as a catalyst.

Ammonia gas is synthesized from nitrogen and hydrogen, and the reaction rate can be increased by using iron as the main catalyst.

In the refinery, the catalyst is not less, and different catalysts can be used to obtain different qualities of gasoline and kerosene.

Chemical synthesis acid and basic color cosyth catalyst.

Automobile exhaust contains harmful carbon monoxide and nitric oxide, which can be quickly converted into harmless carbon dioxide and nitrogen by using platinum and other metals as catalysts.

Enzymes are plants, animals, and microorganisms produce proteins with catalytic ability, almost all the chemical reactions of the organism under the catalysis of enzymes, brewing, pharmaceutical industry, etc. With a catalyst.

We can be the postman distribution (the Boltzmann distribution) and energy diagram (energy profile diagram) observed, catalyst can make chemical reactants without changing the situation, through with fewer activation energy (activation energy) path to carry out chemical reactions.

And usually in this energy, the molecules are not unable to complete the chemical reaction, and it takes a long time to complete the chemical reaction.

But in a catalyst environment, the molecules need less energy to complete the chemical reaction.