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The disposal of waste in the process of tire oil refining
Jun 03, 2018


1, the waste gas

The plastic refining equipment is fully burnt through the water seal and gas nozzle of the safety device, which not only eliminates the waste gas pollution, but also saves a lot of fuel.

In terms of smoke and dust emission, ZTC series desulfurizer can be adopted, and the emission of smoke and dust can reach the relevant standards of GB 13271-2001.

2 liquid

The products of the plastic refining equipment will produce some weakly acidic waste water during the treatment process (about 50kg of waste water will be produced for every ton of oil produced).

By joining the weak reduction liquid after neutralization, the neutral wastewater after three-stage filtration, after reaching harmless, special to the evaporation of the processor (flue waste heat of the heat source by main processor) evaporation, and more professional of wastewater treatment plant).

3. Solid waste

After catalytic pyrolysis of waste plastics, there will be some solid residues, accounting for about 5% to 10% of the weight of waste plastics.

Its main component is coarse carbon black.

Can be as raw materials for the production of industrial carbon black, the coal-fired power plant and taking coal as raw material to produce fly ash mixture, can be used to make fly ash brick (a kind of environment-friendly building materials) of the raw material.