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The history of petrochina
Jun 05, 2018


1) China's petroleum industry before CNPC was established

China is the first country in the world to discover and utilize oil and gas, but the rapid development of China's oil industry has been in the past half century.

When new China was founded in 1949, China produced only 120,000 tons of crude oil a year.

To quickly change the backward situation of China's oil industry, provide a powerful energy guarantee for development of the national economy, in 1955, the Chinese government formally established the oil industry, overall responsibility for China's oil and gas resources exploration and development work.

With the discovery of daqing oil field and shengli oil field in September 1959 and September 1962, the development history of China's oil industry has opened a new page.

Subsequently, a large number of oil fields such as dagang, jianghan, liaohe, changqing, henan, north China and central China were discovered and put into development successively.

2) China national petroleum corporation

On September 17, 1988, according to the need of the economic development of China's domestic market and the requirement of the transformation of government function, the revocation of ministry of petroleum industry of the state council, based on in the main resources and assets, set up the China national petroleum corporation.

As a large state-owned enterprise in China, China national petroleum corporation mainly engages in the production business in the upstream areas of petroleum and natural gas, and has some functions of government management and control.

3) China national petroleum corporation

On July 27, 1998, according to the change of international and domestic environment and the state council to form a big international group, the requirement of large companies, through the business further restructuring of China petroleum and natural gas corporation, China national petroleum corporation.

China national petroleum corporation is a truly market-oriented upstream and downstream integrated energy company engaged in oil and gas production and operation.

The company owns 14 large and medium sized oil and gas production enterprises and 14 refining enterprises in daqing oilfield.

Business areas related to oil and gas exploration and exploitation, oil refining, chemical, pipeline, oil and gas refining oil product sales, engineering and technical services, oil machinery processing and manufacturing, oil trade, and other fields, in China's oil and gas production, processing and sales in the market dominant