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What is the role of the catalyst
May 22, 2018

What is the role of the catalyst?

The action of a catalyst in a chemical reaction is called catalysis.

Solid catalysts are also known as catalysts in industry.

The composition, chemical properties and quality of the catalyst do not change before and after the reaction.

The relationship between it and the reaction system is as highly selective (or exclusive) as the relationship between locks and keys.

A catalyst is not has catalytic effect to all chemical reactions, such as manganese dioxide catalytic role in the decomposition of potassium chlorate is heated, accelerate the chemical reaction rate, but for other chemical reactions are not necessarily have a catalytic role.

Some chemical reactions are not only the only catalyst, such as potassium chlorate thermal decomposition of catalyst and magnesium oxide, ferric oxide and cupric oxide, etc., can also be used when preparing potassium chlorate oxygen brick dust or copper oxide as catalyst.