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What kind of catalyst refining waste oil?
May 14, 2018


Due to the long-term use of oil, the viscosity is reduced and the impurities increase. The waste oil is decomposed into diesel oil by high temperature catalysis.

Specific techniques are as follows:

1. Production equipment

Reaction kettle, rectifying tower, spiral condenser, filter tower.

2. Production process

(1) the waste engine oil pretreated by waste oil is separated from the water by the separation funnel, and then the impurities such as solids and suspended solids are removed by 200 mesh filter cloth.

(2) in addition, the waste engine oil will be processed through the hopper, and the amount of waste oil should not exceed 2/3 of the reaction kettle.

After adding the waste engine oil, the oil weight of the waste oil is 0.5%.1% plus the high temperature catalyst FAC, stirring to disperse it in the waste oil.

(3) the vaporizing cracking will be cracking reaction kettle vaporization heated to 400-450, at this time a good contact with waste oil and the catalyst, cracking for small molecules (C izHzs - CzoHaz) diesel, and then vaporizing into diesel gas vaporization to rectifying column.

(4) distillation of the above gas is made by distillation column, and the diesel gas is separated by a dozen column plates in the tower.

The tower plate in the rectification tower should theoretically be no less than 12 blocks, and the tower is 3-4 meters high. The diameter of the tower is not less than 30cm, and the diesel cracking gas is extracted from the top of the tower and condenses in the spiral condenser.

(5) condensation when cracking diesel vaporization air through the condenser (condensation temperature should be lower than 109 c), cracking gas can condense into liquid diesel, a small amount of noncondensable gas (exhaust accounts for about 5% by weight of the used oil - 10%) can be made of condenser pipe emissions, or through the steel tube guide RanQiJu as fuel use.