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A New Generation Of Selective Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst For Gasoline Has Been Applied In Industry
May 31, 2018

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Report from our correspondent a few days ago, oil chemical industry research institute to develop the third generation of catalytic cracking gasoline selective hydrodesulfurization catalyst RSDS - 31 / RGO - 3, produced by changling catalyst branch, in changling refining 450000 tons/year selective hydrogenation desulfurization device made the first successful industrial application.

With the continuous improvement of gasoline product quality, it is urgent to apply the gasoline selective hydrodesulfurization catalyst with higher performance to meet the national 5 gasoline product standards.

The academy has developed a series of RSDS technologies, the first generation of which was used to produce 3 gasoline.

The second generation technology is used to produce 4 gasoline in producing countries, giving some consideration to national 5 gasoline.

The third generation is used to produce 5 gasoline.

Industrial test showed that the RSDS - 31 / RGO - 3 as a new generation of gasoline selective hydrogenation desulfurization catalyst, has higher desulfurization activity, can produce the sulfur content is less than 10 micrograms per gram of gasoline, and maintain a less loss of octane number, the raw material has good adaptability, stable desulfurization activity and selectivity, has high cost performance and wide application prospects.