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Analysis And Development Prospect Of China's Hydrogenation Catalyst Industry From 2018 To 2025
May 30, 2018

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Oil processing is an important part of the process of catalytic hydrogenation, increasing in recent years, as environmental requirements and the subsequent product development continuously, the quality of the hydrogenation products demand gradually increased, the status of catalytic hydrogenation technology in chemical production is becoming more and more attention, a large amount of unsaturated compounds, oxygen containing compounds, nitrogen compounds such as the preparation of catalytic hydrogenation technology using follow-up to ensure good product quality and high yield.

Residue is the most effective residual raw materials and processing technology, the catalyst is the core technology, but its high technical content, research and development is difficult, application conditions, grudgingly, is a tough nut to crack, only a handful of international companies to master the core technology.

It is urgent to accelerate the research and development of catalyst technology for independent intellectual property rights.

China industry research network in 2018-2025 issued by the China current situation analysis and development prospect of hydrogenation catalyst industry research report finds that shale gas will become a demand growth impetus of HPC, as inferior material modification options, ebullated bed residue hydrocracking unit and coking unit is of two kinds of mainstream choice, but in North America, due to the lack of hydrogen resource, coking unit is more economic and feasible.

If the region can obtain abundant and cheap hydrogen resources, residue hydrocracking will be more competitive and more hydrogenation catalysts will be needed.

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It provides reference for investment decision makers and business operators of hydrogenation catalyst industry.