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Asia's Largest Hydrogenation Catalyst Production Site Put Into Operation
Mar 16, 2018

On March 10th, the popularization and production of catalysts for hydrogenation of Dalian Petrochemicals Co., Ltd., a catalyst for Sinopec, which was constructed by PetroChina Ten Construction Co., Ltd., was successfully launched and produced qualified products.

This project is located in Sanchabao Industrial Park, Lushunkou District, Dalian, covering an area of 336.3 acres and a project investment of 780 million yuan. It is a key project of the company. The first phase of the project is to build a new production unit with an annual output of 10,000 tons of hydrogenation catalyst and supporting ancillary units. The commissioning of the device will play a decisive role in reducing the cost of the hydrogenation catalyst, realizing the quality upgrade of the hydrogenation catalyst, ensuring the supply capacity, and enhancing the domestic and international competitiveness of the catalyst.

(Editor: HN666)