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Bidding Announcement For The Second Section (molecular Sieve Section) Of China Petroleum Fujian Changting Catalyst Project.
Mar 22, 2018

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1.Conditions of the tender

China petroleum fujian changting catalyst bid project engineering construction of the second bid (molecular sieve) has complied with the related approval and registration procedures according to the requirement, money has been implemented, with the tender conditions, is now on the open tender.

2.Project overview and tender scope.

Demarcation: the construction of China petroleum fujian changting catalyst project is divided into five sections, and the bidding is the second section (molecular sieve section).

2.1.Construction contents: 

15000 tons/year molecular sieve unit, 70 cubic meters/thiamine - ammonia device and material tank farm Ⅱ etc.

2.2.Bidding scope: 

molecular sieve equipment and its west side production auxiliary equipment, public works civil engineering construction and installation professional construction section.The contents of the project include (unit no. : 201) the construction of soil, equipment, process, electrical and instrument construction of molecular sieve units.

Commissioning, water supply and drainage, road construction;(unit no. : 203) construction, equipment, process, electrical, instrument construction and commissioning of ammonium sulphate ammonia nitrogen unit, water supply and drainage and road construction in the installation;(unit number: 301/20) raw material tank farm Ⅱ soil

Construction, equipment, process, electrical, instrument construction and commissioning, water supply and drainage, road construction, etc.

2.3.Planning period (construction starts to intermediate handover acceptance) : 

451 calendar days, construction start date to block construction contract is signed, construction drawing design documents such as the third party examination qualified, the date of the construction of party a's approval.

3.Qualification Requirements For Bidder

3.1 The tenderer shall have the qualification and valid business license of the independent legal person within the territory of the People's Republic of China.

3.2.The tenderer shall be required to have the above - grade and above - quality and effective safety production license certificate.From January 2012 to the deadline for tender, the same type of engineering performance shall be no less than 2 items.(same type of project performance.

Refers to a project with a refinery chemical plant and a single project contract amount greater than (equal to) 100 million yuan and completed;The performance of the project shall be subject to the contract signed and the certificate of completion and acceptance of the certificate. The date of the contract shall prevail.

3.3.The bidders are in good financial condition in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and are not in the situation of being ordered to suspend business, property being taken over, frozen or bankrupt.

3.4.The website of "national enterprise credit information system" has not been included in the list of operating exceptions and the list of serious violations of FA.And in the "credit China" website not included in the breach of the trustee;And provide the location of the bidder, project location or recruitment.

The effective legal person, legal representative and project manager issued by the procuratorial organ in the place where the standard is located shall be notified by the report of the results of the investigation on the criminal records of non-bribery crimes since January 2012;From January 2015 to the deadline for tender, no greater or higher security responsibilities have occurred.

Responsible for accidents, larger and above engineering quality responsibility accidents, larger and above environmental responsibility incidents;During the tendering and bidding period of this project, the bid was not restricted by petrochina and lanzhou petrochemical company of petrochina co., LTD.

3.5 the tendering requirements in this project the project manager should have built SHI and class level qualification, note ~ before October 29, 2015 copies of valid due to provide building SHI to education "card" books and production safety inspection qualified "certificates" (take a class B);

From January 2012 to the closing time of the tender, the project manager organization shall have no less than one project performance.(the same type of engineering performance refers to a project with a refinery and chemical plant, and a single project contract amount is more than 100 million yuan and is finished.

Work;The performance of the project shall be subject to the contract signed and the certificate of completion and acceptance of the certificate. The date of the contract shall prevail.

3.6 the technical person in charge of the project for the purpose of this tender shall obtain the senior technical title of the engineering class for more than 5 years (including 5 years).

3.7 this tender requires the safety manager to hold the safety production assessment C "certificate", and has intermediate or above (intermediate) title.

3.8 the construction site management personnel (safety personnel, construction workers, material staff, quality inspectors, budget members, etc.) shall meet the requirements of the project and have the corresponding practicing capacity.

3.9 this bid requires bidders to establish quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health, safety management system and operate effectively.

3.10 the bid is not accepted by the consortium.


Acquisition of tender documents.

4.1 whoever interested bidders, please on February 2, 2018 to February 6, 2018 (except statutory public holidays, public holiday), daily from 9 am at 11 30 points, 00 points at 13 to 17 PM (Beijing time), similarly hereinafter) a statutory generation

The original copy of the certificate, the original copy and the copy of the certificate of authorization.

4.2 the bidding documents shall be priced at 400 yuan per set, and will not be returned after sales. Only the card or wire transfer will be accepted, and no cash will be accepted.


Submission of tender documents.

5.1 the deadline for submission of tender documents (the deadline for bid submission) shall be 9:0:00 on February 23, 2018.

5.2 the tenderee shall not accept the tender documents that have been delivered late or have not been delivered to the designated place.

Contact person: liu gong.

Telephone: 010-57484756

Mobile phone;15001284394