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Biodiesel Development Is Difficult.
May 21, 2018

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The biodiesel that has been highly anticipated by people is a good substitute for petrochemical diesel. Compared with ordinary diesel, it not only has excellent environmental performance, but also promotes the diversification of energy structure.

But in recent years through the development of the situation, raw material resource collection difficulties, higher raw material costs and the national policy factors such as incomplete restricts the development of biodiesel industry, biological diesel oil market is doing.

The main reason for the current limitation of biodiesel development is shortage of raw material resources and high production cost.

Based on our country and the people for food to the basic principle of competition, the domestic biodiesel most used cooking oil, but the use of illegal cooking oil to making biodiesel raw material supply co., LTD and converted into biodiesel process requirement deficiencies higher and lead to biodiesel manufacturer to run down to only a small profit.

To continue to develop, it is imperative to use efficient catalysts.