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Chemical Catalyst Activity Or Predictable.
Apr 11, 2018

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Original title: chemical catalyst activity or predictable.

Scientists at the Moscow iron and steel institute at the Russian national research university (NUST) have found a way to determine the activity of potential catalysts without much experimentation.

To find the needed chemical reaction catalysts, scientists need to test them one by one, because very similar substances can produce completely different catalytic activity.

But if learn to predict a substance to the chemical reaction of catalytic ability, scientists can do less thousands of unnecessary experiment, can also help them to find a more effective catalyst, increase its use to the chemical reaction rate in the industry.

These results could lead to billions of dollars in profits and perhaps even a chemical industrial revolution.

"Modeling and new materials research and development laboratories and research team of scientists in linkoping university in Sweden, the world famous professor igor led by abramovich in kosovo, plans to create a table, to calculate any nanoparticles catalytic ability.