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China's Oil Industry Is On The Way, And The High Performance Catalyst Is Officially Produced.
May 16, 2018

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On January 23, 2018, China's first high performance catalyst production line will be put into operation in zhangjiagang, which will reduce the dependence on imported oil in the future.

Newly built production line for the production of high-performance catalyst used in methanol to olefin process, the catalyst can be extracted from coal or natural gas of methanol, efficient into olefin required for the production of plastic resin and fiber.

Global demand for ethylene and propylene is growing at a rate of 4-5 per cent a year.

This production line can effectively reduce China's dependence on imported oil in plastic production.

The honeywell new engineering center is also in operation today, providing support for the delivery of technology, project commissioning, technical support and maintenance updates.

And more importantly, the factory is zero discharge, USES the sewage clean recovery technology, USES the coal to make the plastic cleanly, effectively restraining the environmental pollution.

The exploration rights of three oil and gas exploration blocks in xinjiang have been successfully transferred to the market.

More worthy of joy is, China's first listed way to transfer new progress has been made in exploration of oil and gas blocks at present, 7 companies through bidding, can eventually by shen co., LTD. For $1.49067 billion to south of keping block;

Xinjiang energy (group) petroleum and natural gas co., LTD.

Zhongman oil and natural gas group co., LTD.

The coping west block and the east block are not traded because there are no bidders to participate in the bidding.

At this point, it is another important step for the ministry of land and resources to promote oil and gas exploration and exploration in xinjiang.

The catalyst operation of MTBE device in yan 'an petrochemical plant is high.

120000 tons/year MTBE unit catalyst used for large aperture strongly acidic cationic exchange resin, since June 2013 device maintenance when loading a new catalyst, the catalyst has run 42 consecutive months, MTBE26 output of ten thousand tons.

It is still in stable operation, and the MTBE catalyst in domestic industry is running at a new high.

The United States is crazy more and more crude oil exports to China, Russia, and China and Russia's east siberia-pacific ocean pipeline oil prices began operations on January 1 this year, double oil exports, exports of crude oil increased from 15 million tons a year to 30 million tons, namely: nearly 220 million barrels of oil.

At the same time, the growing number of Chinese exports has weakened other Asian refiners' already depressed margins as crude prices rise.