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Clariant Launched To Improve Low Temperature Fluidity Of A New Generation Of Diesel Oil Dewaxing Catalyst HYDEX ® E
Apr 14, 2018

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On April 11, 2018, Munich, the world's leading specialty chemicals manufacturer, announced the launch of the latest diesel dewaxing catalyst, HYDEX ethylene E.

The new catalysts are the extension of clariant HYDEX mature products series, specifically for long chain selective hydrogenation cracking is designed, the corresponding normal alkanes was intended to improve diesel middle distillates, such as low temperature fluidity.

HYDEXE continued its predecessor's superior stability and flexibility in its application, and significantly increased diesel production while reducing the production of by-products.

Therefore, owners can benefit from their higher cost effectiveness and better sustainability.

Catalytic dewaxing is an essential part of regulating diesel mobility and ensures reliability and performance, which is particularly important in cold climates.

The clariant HYDEX catalyst has been successfully used in over 30 refineries around the world over the past 20 years.

Strong dewaxing catalyst can be 18 ° C to 50 ° C (0 ° F to 120 ° F) play a significantly low temperature flow between regulatory.

In addition to the characteristics of excellent activity, long period of use and strong resistance to poison, the success of the catalyst is that it is easy to fill.

The product USES a simple plug-in solution that simply inserts a dewaxing layer in the existing hydrogenation device without requiring more equipment.

So far, the series includes HYDEXG dedicated to diesel and kerosene dewaxing, HYDEXL dedicated to lubricating oil viscosity regulation, and special catalyst solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

The aim of this series of products is to develop a new catalyst that can work under all acid conditions.

HYDEXE can meet these requirements because of its strong zeolite composition.

This component combines active metal components (non-precious metals) to ensure stable hydrogen transfer.

HYDEXE produced nearly 4 per cent more diesel fuel on site tests in the pilot plant for ultra low sulphur diesel in the pilot plant, compared with the previous HYDEX series.

A large reduction in the byproducts has also brought great economic benefits to the owners.

Detailed independent testing also confirmed more benefits of the active metal groups of the catalyst, such as optimizing desulfurization, reducing product densities, and facilitating the conversion of combustion-prone monolarene aromatics.

These features will help the owner to deal with the upcoming fuel standard new rules, the rules will make more strict limits on emissions of particulate matter, perhaps even the transformation of complex opportunity of crude oil.


Clariant SiTuHao catalyst business unit senior vice President and general manager (Stefan Heuser) in the development of comment HYDEXE said: "improve our popular and proven HYDEX series catalyst is an important achievement.

Through in-depth research and development, we have successfully developed this product, which will bring greater economic and regulatory benefits to our customers.

As the world's only company from production of crude oil to fuel oil terminal can provide solutions to the enterprise, we believe that add value to the customer's business through continuous innovation is the responsibility of the clariant."