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Conditions For The Comprehensive Utilization Of Waste Tire And Rubber
May 28, 2018

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"Access conditions" stressed that the established enterprises for the processing and utilization of waste tire and rubber should not have a comprehensive annual capacity of less than 10,000 tons.

In the process of waste tire rubber processing and utilization, the part of waste rubber should be used 100%, and the waste fiber and steel wire in waste tire rubber should be recycled and used 100%.

If the enterprise does not have the conditions for utilization, it shall entrust other enterprises to reprocess and utilize the product.

Waste tires processing use energy limited to: universal comprehensive energy consumption of the whole process of reclaimed rubber is less than 900 KWH/tons, general-purpose rubber powder, the whole process of comprehensive energy consumption is lower than 300 KWH/tons, waste tire rubber thermal cracking processing the whole process of comprehensive energy consumption is lower than 200 KWH/t.

"Access conditions" proposed that the construction and expansion of waste tire rubber processing and utilization enterprises must adopt advanced technology, technology and equipment.

In the production of regenerated rubber, force chemistry method, dynamic method and encourage the use of normal pressure method should be adopted.

The rubber powder production adopts the normal temperature method, and the fine rubber powder is encouraged to adopt the cooling method. The processing process realizes the linkage and automation, and the equipment for dust removal and noise reduction is provided synchronously.

Thermal cracking enterprises adopt the catalytic cracking technology of cooling under negative pressure, which is matched with the oil separation equipment.

Exhaust emission environmental control device, integrated automation and continuity.