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Daqing Petrochemical Plastics Factory Drives The Production Of High-end Pipe Materials.
Apr 14, 2018

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China petroleum net news (reporter Zhang Rui mu-zi li) of daqing petrochemical plastics factory linear device is currently only can China's oil production for a long period of DQDN - 3711 device, the longest running 62, 2017, 16300 tons of production of the product.

On March 10, the linear device switched the license number and drove again to produce dqdn-3711 products.

The linear device adopts unipol fluidized bed process, which is characterized by the high activity of catalyst. The production process is low in reactor temperature and easy to generate static electricity.

Since last year, linear devices have been responsible for the production of high-end brands, which are more difficult and more risky because of the high activity of catalysts.

In order to open the market "the last kilometer" with the high end brand, the plastic factory will give full play to the technical and experience advantages of professional personnel, resolve various risk factors and stabilize the production of the equipment.

Dqdn-3711 brand products are mainly used in the processing and production of heat pipes, and the production is planned for two months and production of 6000 tons.

The product has a high requirement for system accuracy, once the impurity content exceeds bid, will seriously affect the quality of our products and even no reaction, or high electrostatic powder agglomerate, hanging wall, production is difficult to continue.

The technical staff of the technical department of the plastic factory has carefully summarized the previous successful production experience and prepared a scientific and rigorous driving plan.

Also use a day time parking overhaul before driving, in limited time to complete the replacement blocked E - 4002 - type heat exchanger, clearing reactor distribution board, changing the tasks, such as seed bed adjust variation in impurity of equipment to the optimal state.

After that, a 72-hour flow replacement is carried out to ensure that the oxygen, water and other impurities are removed.

Linear workshop three managers into three groups, at the beginning of the production into the team work together, to do all day 24 hours, observation with the operator adjust reactor parameters, processing to the danger at any time.