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Domestic Catalytic Cracking Catalyst First Marketing Cis
Jun 05, 2018

The Latest News:

China petroleum net news (reporter cloud-l Jia Ming of the next year Reporter chun-hui li) on May 31, lanzhou petrochemical catalyst factory outlet kazakhstan's Kent's refinery the first batch of 500 tons of equilibrium catalyst loading shipment smoothly.

This is the first time that China's petroleum catalytic cracking catalyst was exported to cis countries.

According to the contract, the CPC central Asia international company's Kent PKOP joint company (kazakhstan) modernization refinery project phase ii project 890 tons of heavy oil catalytic cracking (RFCC) unit starts with balance agent and annual 4800 tons of fresh agent, are supplied by the factory of petrochina lanzhou petrochemical catalyst, and the Chinese petroleum technology development co., LTD. Agent export to kazakhstan.

Strange, Kent is China petroleum refinery with kazakh state oil and gas company (hereinafter referred to as ha oil) cooperation projects have equal shares, the plant modernization project, is listed as the national strategic investment projects and national key project, is the focus of the "neighbourhood" all the way high, cooperation projects.

Three of the world's leading suppliers, GRACE of the United States, ALBEMARLE of the United States and BASF of Germany, took part in the bidding process for the catalyst in the last year, and the winning bid is in sight.

In the face of strong competitors and multiple resistance, the CPC central Asia international company and the refinery project China team, under the unified coordination of CPC technology open, lanzhou petrochemical catalyst factory, China petroleum and petrochemical college and refinery project total package side China petroleum engineering construction co., LTD., and other related units actively cooperate with, carefully study the tender requirements and rival bidding strategies, surprising, Kent refinery provides a comparative advantage of performance indicators and other large western companies it is difficult to ensure implementation of differentiated technical support and transportation agent service.

And at the same time, the CPC central Asia international company, Kent, senior Chinese managers many times and the oil refinery project for difficult negotiations, China petroleum catalyst show that the means to get the technical support and guarantee for China's oil, is beneficial to the plant production and development.

At the same time, actively communicate with the patentee UOP to win the patentee's support.

The balance agents exported to qimkent refinery come from qingyang petrochemical co., LTD and ningxia petrochemical co., LTD., which are screened, analyzed and packaged by lanzhou catalyst factory.

At present, the production of 400 tons of fresh agent has also started, which is scheduled to be shipped in early June.