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Entrepreneurship Guide: Development Of Diesel Deep Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst.
Apr 17, 2018

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1. product and technology introduction:

In clean fuel production, the sulfur content in oil is an important control index, because the fuel oil of sulfur-containing compounds not only generates the SOx after burning, after entering the atmosphere will produce acid rain, nitrogen, and sulfur content of aromatics and olefins has some influence emissions of pollutants, such as low sulfur oil combustion produces less amount of other pollutants.

Therefore, the sulfur content in fuel oil is an important parameter to evaluate the quality of oil, and also an important index for strict control of environmental laws and regulations.

The sulfur in petroleum products such as diesel and gasoline is removed mainly by catalytic hydrogenation.

The key of this process is the activity of the catalyst.

It has been proved that dibenzothiophene and its derivatives are the most difficult to remove in petroleum distillates, and the proportion of these compounds in the sulfur compounds is higher.

Therefore, the highly active catalyst must be able to effectively remove dibenzothiophene containing sulfur compounds.

This project developed by catalyst for benzene and thiophene compounds and high sulfur diesel oil is highly active, in 320 ℃, 5 mpa and WHSV45h - 1 under the condition of all the benzene and thiophene compounds can be transferred.

In 320 ℃, 5 mpa and WHSV1h - 1 when the conditions of desulfurization rate was 98%.

The manufacturing method of this product has applied to the China intellectual property office for a Chinese patent (application number: 00101265.7).

2. Application scope and production conditions:

The product is used in refinery hydrotreating reaction system.

Stainless steel reaction kettle 10 ~ 15m3, extrusion molding machine 2, drop ball forming machine 1, tunnel kiln roasting furnace 1 set, pure water device 1 set, plate frame filter, etc.

3. Scale and investment, cost estimation:

6 ~ 80 thousand yuan/ton.

The investment of fixed assets needs 1000 ~ 12 million yuan.

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