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Extraction Of Platinum And Rhenium From Waste Catalyst.
Apr 16, 2018

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1) project introduction

Platinum group metals have excellent catalytic properties, widely used in the catalyst for the preparation of a variety of purposes, especially occupies an important position in the petrochemical catalysts, are widely used in cyclization, dehydrogenation and hydrogenation, isomerization and a series of oil refining process, in recent years, due to bring rhenium form a binary noble metal catalyst that one or more hydrocarbons conversion improved catalytic activity and selectivity of reaction, platinum-rhenium application of spent catalyst is increasing year by year, recovery from the waste catalyst containing platinum, rhenium and separation of platinum, rhenium is necessary, has the good economic efficiency.

Platinum, rhenium recovery and development of our new technology of separation can be effectively recycled from the spent catalyst and separation of platinum, rhenium, short, simple equipment, reagent and process, has the very good economic and social benefits.

The recovery rate of platinum was greater than 96.0%, the purity of sponge platinum was greater than 99.95%, and the rhenium recovery was greater than 85.0%, and the purity was greater than 99.5%.

2) technical indicators
Extraction rate of pt: greater than 98.0% rhenium leaching rate: greater than 95.0% adsorption rate: 99.5% adsorption rate: greater than or equal to 98.0%.

Direct yield: greater than or equal to 96.0% direct yield: greater than or equal to 85.0%.

3) production conditions

According to the scale calculation of 50 t waste platinum and rhenium catalyst by year, the main plant area is 240m2, with water, electricity, wind and steam. Main equipment: 1m3 enamel reaction tank, 2 sets of ion exchange equipment; Total power: 60 ~ 100 kW; Total investment: RMB 60 ~ 900,000 yuan.

4) market forecast

Platinum group metals are scarce, and rhenium is an indispensable raw material for the preparation of binary reforming catalysts.

5) benefit forecast

The waste catalyst containing 0.24 percent of platinum and 0.24 percent of rhenium was processed, and about 2.3kg of platinum and 2.0kg of rhenium can be recovered, and the cost can be deducted with a profit of about 66,000 yuan.

50t/a scale production line, tax revenue total about 3.3 million yuan.

6) cooperation means technology transfer, technical service, processing of incoming materials, joint factory or technology investment.