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Fushun Petrochemical Catalyst Business Continued To Improve
Jun 06, 2018

The Latest News:

The reporter understands from fushun petrochemical industry, the company and dalian petrochemical, liaohe petrochemical, liaoyang petrochemical, kelamayi petrochemical implemented several key catalyst product order, such as product has signed the contract of sale, 33, the number of 1886 tons, the amount is 390 million yuan, the year is expected to implement the order of 4000 tons, sales income is 700 million yuan of above.

According to the sales order, hydrogenation catalyst support production line to produce 561 tons of before in June and July, 600 tons more intention to order to production scheduling, finished product production line pressure big, in the face of many varieties, products, such as switching frequently difficult, fushun petrochemical precise calculation by date, to ensure the delivery on schedule, through careful arrangement of production plan and determine the production lead time control network, the arrival of the goods in a timely manner, production engineering materials will be affect the construction period, sub-contractor loss of benefits, such as production equipment problems delay production factors in the inspection, the strict rewards and punishment.

Maximize sales order requirements around the order.

Some customers have changed their orders and processes in the middle of the process after the completion of production preparation and raw material procurement. In order to seize the market and realize product sales, the factory has made positive countermeasures.

The factory responsible for coordinating product supplies of raw materials into the factory center closely cooperate with related department, in the face, the difficulty of imported raw materials procurement, they plan early bidding, overcome the snowstorm, sea air transport together, make 3961 balls and R - 232 carrier into the factory to ensure the production.