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Gasoline Additives Should Not Be Added, What Role
May 26, 2018

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According to the corresponding symptoms, the current fuel additives can be divided into four categories: dynamic fuel catalyst, octane additive (antiknock agent), fuel cleaner and diesel antifreeze.

Power fuel catalysts are relatively rare, it is a kind of compound function of fuel efficient catalyst, at present only the United States production, can save 20% after its catalytic treatment theory (the actual effect may not be that big), fuel system cleaner and power output will be promoted, high compression ratio piston engine will play more and more perfect this feature;

Octane additive can effectively improve octane number of gasoline, improve engine knock and fuel combustion.

Diesel antifreeze can solve the problem of diesel freezing at night at low temperature.

Gasoline additive is also known as gasoline detergent, the role of this stuff in our subjective impression is mainly related to carbon deposition, there is nothing wrong with it, but gasoline additives as well as a greater role, environmental protection.

As early as 1999, our country has published a set of "standard of harmful substances control motor gasoline", requires public must be added into the cost of product gasoline gasoline additives, namely direct fuel is "high", in 2008, the forced request was cancelled, most buy gasoline oil "naked", whether gasoline additives is the user's own choice, freedom of choice for users may also is a good thing.