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I Have Developed A New Type Of Diesel Catalyst.
Apr 13, 2018

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Original Title: I have developed a new type of diesel catalyst.

Our newspaper Beijing on May 28 (xinhua JiFang) of dalian institute of chemical physics, Chinese academy of sciences and extend the oil group cooperation research and development of new type of sulfur content of diesel catalyst "bedded polymetallic sulfide catalysts" 28 passed the achievement appraisal.

The r&d team of academic leaders, dahua chemiacl coastal by academician of Chinese academy of sciences, this new type of catalyst is a kind of layered metal compounds as the template agent, using environmentally friendly materials, introducing cheap metal template agent, a new method of synthesis between the layers.

This new type of catalyst in extend the oil group run industrial test verification, the results found that only need to be replaced his device hydrodesulfurization catalyst for this new type of catalyst, can produce is better than that of the five requirements of clean diesel sulfur content index.

Related studies have found that motor vehicle fuel exhaust emissions are one of the major factors causing smog, while diesel vehicles are the "disaster areas" of exhaust emissions.

Coastal academician is introduced, in order to prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, "China will implement the five diesel standards by the end of this year, but the existing technology and catalyst in order to achieve the five standards to adopt more stringent operating conditions, and the simple method of diesel quality upgrading the most economy is to develop highly active hydrodesulfurization catalyst".

Organized by China petroleum and chemical industry federation appraisal committee, said: this kind of catalyst belongs to the international leading level, "can promote in the industrial production of the five standard diesel oil, suitable for ultra deep desulfurization of diesel oil demand in China, the popularization and application prospect".