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In 2018, The Group Company Adopted The Centralized Procurement Plan For Chemical Catalyst.
Apr 02, 2018

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China oil net news (reporter Yu Liyan Hu Yaozhang) on March 26, I learned that as a chemical catalyst authorized unit of centralized purchasing team leader, the procurement department of lanzhou petrochemical company of the group company 2018 chemical catalyst centralized purchasing plan, through expert review.

Review before, lanzhou petrochemical materials purchase department to send relevant personnel, first joined the group company supplies equipment department organization of meetings, and combining with the eight aspects of the project review put forward requirements, in accordance with the 10 years as a centralized purchasing agency authorized work practices, QuWuCunJing, seeking truth from facts to report to the expert jury chemical catalysts in 2018 by the group company centralized purchasing plan, do to plan implementation in strategy and difficulty in explaining, and in accordance with the requirements of the group company supplies equipment department and the opinions of the expert judges to modify details made, centralized purchasing price has amended by a year for two years, and the plastic with antioxidant grading rules to adjust the parts.

Eventually, lanzhou petrochemical compiled by the chemical catalyst in 2018 by the group company centralized purchasing plan through expert review, in order to strengthen and standardize the China national petroleum corporation chemical catalyst procurement management, give full play to the overall size advantage, highlighting the three elements of quality, price, service and material procurement concept, to achieve optimum material purchasing total life cycle cost targets, according to the requirements of "three concentrations" work better for the next step, reasonable organization bidding company from the Internet, open negotiations and region directory click purchase laid a solid foundation.