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New Intelligent Plunger Drainage Technology Was First Used In Fuling Shale Gas Field
Jun 02, 2018

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Fuling shale gas field is the first to test the new intelligent plunger drainage technology on the platform of no. 64.

All three experiments were carried out in the well of focal page 64-2hf.

The downhole plunger was successfully carried with the fluid every time, reaching the wellhead and being caught by the trap.

This is another breakthrough in shale gas production technology of jianghan engineering institute.

This test by intelligent plunger rank system, not only can exist in the tubing "reducing" and wellhead exist "expanding" under the environment of reliable operation, the shale gas well gas Wells further make full use of formation energy and prolonging life cycle, also can cooperate with intelligent control system on the ground, and then realize the automatic detection and identification of downhole conditions, remote manual intervention and intelligent to adjust production parameters, is conducive to further enhance the intellectualization and informatization level of the fuling shale gas field.

Jianghan academy to have been "fuling shale gas horizontal well section of the mining and supporting engineering technology" and other major projects as the backing, according to the development characteristics of fuling shale gas, shale gas well to research gas recovery.

At present, has carried out the shale gas extraction technology based model, drainage gas recovery technology optimization and parameter optimization research, optimizing tubing string technology, which is formed by the plunger row of mining technology, bubble row of mining technology, eddy current mining technology field test in order to carry out, apply to whole life cycle of fuling shale gas well mining technology system set up.