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Development And Application Of A New Catalyst For Efficient CO Removal
Dec 11, 2017

Discipline areas: coal chemical industry, new energy, functional materials, environmental testing

Project phase: laboratory research and development, a small pilot phase

Project introduction and application areas

1. High efficiency removal of trace CO in hydrogen rich atmosphere

The H2 produced via the reforming process contains a certain amount of CO and the presence of these trace amounts of CO brings some adverse effects on many H2 or H2-based chemical or energy processes. We have developed a series of new and efficient catalysts such as PtFe nanocatalysts for the efficient removal of CO in H2-rich conditions, 100% selective removal of trace amounts of CO in H2 at room temperature with a residual content of CO less than 1 ppm. At the same time, the catalyst can also work efficiently in the presence of water vapor, CO 2 and the like. This performance of the catalyst allows it to be used in many coal chemical, fuel cell and other reaction processes. The development of this type of catalyst material and the preparation of a monolithic catalyst based on this catalytic material have already applied for a national patent. The use of this device for trace CO removal in the feed gas H2 of a fuel cell greatly improves the CO poisoning problem in fuel cell technology.

2. Efficient Removal of Trace CO in Oxygen-enriched Atmosphere

A new and efficient catalyst has been developed for the effective removal of trace amounts of CO in an oxygen-rich atmosphere at room temperature. We developed the PtNi, PtCo and other nano-catalysts, with air as the oxidant to achieve 100% removal of trace amounts of CO at room temperature. Due to the mild conditions of the catalytic process and the use of air as the oxidant, efficient removal of CO gas in a closed system can be achieved. For tunnels, mines, large venues and other closed system of air purification and anti-virus, also has important applications in the field of environmental protection. The catalytic system has applied for national patents.