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New Silver Glycol Catalyst Passed The Annual Examination At Shanghai Petrochemical
Dec 14, 2017

Recently, YS-9010 silver catalyst in the first anniversary of ethylene glycol plant in Shanghai Petrochemical to complete the first run, which is the catalyst for the first time in the domestic industrial applications. During the assessment operation, the device operated stably with the catalyst selectivity of 87.66%, in line with the agreement target.

The YS-9010 silver catalyst was developed by Yanshan Branch of Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute of SINOPEC and its selectivity is higher than that of YS-8810 silver catalyst previously developed by the institute. It is understood that, YS-8810 silver catalyst has marked the Sinopec has the ability to independently develop and produce highly selective silver catalyst, to achieve the localization of highly selective silver catalyst.

Shanghai Petrochemical Co., Ltd. first commercialized YS-9010 silver catalyst in No. 1 ethylene glycol unit of the Ministry of Chemical Industry in September 2016. In the past year, the ethylene glycol output of ethylene glycol plant No.1 exceeded the designed capacity of 5,900 tons by the year. Compared with YS-8810 catalyst, the production capacity of the unit increased by 4%.

It is understood that after the YS-9010 silver catalyst is put into use and after 4 months of domestication, ethylene glycol unit No. 1 produces 1 tonne equivalent of ethylene oxide to save 2.46 kg of ethylene. In order to better exert the performance of the catalyst, Shanghai Petrochemical continuously adjusts the technology index and finely controls the amount of ethylene dichloride, the ethylene concentration, the oxygen concentration at exit, the steam drum pressure and the like, further enhancing the selectivity of the catalyst.