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Waste Oil Green Decolorization Method, A Refinery Chasing The Focus
Dec 22, 2017

With the advent of the new year of 2017, more and more national environmental protection policies and laws and regulations are taken seriously by many chemical companies. Only by decolorizing the environment can the national environment be more adapted to the future development trend of the country. Guangzhou Pai-technology imports of oil bleaching and deodorant agents and waste flocculant, discoloration of the waste oil ladder, acid-free and white clay, the real green bleaching. Bringing more green to this spring. At the same time, many oil refiners in different parts of the country have come to inquire and more customers have chosen it without hesitation. This series of products has become the focus of many oil refineries.

The process features: the use of flocculant pretreatment, after decolorization deodorant, plus replenishment, to achieve decolorization ladder, pickling and clay free. Waste oil that can be refined includes, but not limited to, waste mineral oil, waste oil, waste hydraulic oil, coal tar, residual oil, oil for machining, and the like.

The waste oil pretreatment flocculant is imported product, adopts the principle of complexation and sedimentation, and is added before waste oil distillation to effectively settle miscellaneous machine and reduce distillation and coke, greatly prolong equipment running time and save cost. It is used in the hydrogenation and distillation of waste oil, waste mineral oil and coal tar, etc. It includes pretreatment of molecular distillation, thin-film distillation and atmospheric distillation, flocculation, dehydration, off-line miscellaneous, oil-soluble dispersant, heavy metal, , Desulfurization, denitrification and other pre-treatment, combined with the back of the centrifugal process, greatly reducing distillation, hydrogenation and other negative effects of coking and catalyst poisoning. Reduce parking, maintenance time, increase the economic benefits far greater than the input of flocculants. Flocculation of the residual oil can flow back to the cracking of light oil or other environmentally friendly recycling, increase overall revenue.

The oil bleaching deodorant is a complex type liquid, the principle is the use of high temperature oil complexation of all chromogenic groups down to reduce the impact of impurity atoms on the oil color depth, odor, so that the line Subsequent processing of oil, including pickling, clay, solvents and other refining costs significantly reduced, or even zero. This product also has a deodorization and reduce the role of distillation point.

The agent to change the traditional decolorization: waste oil, oil line, oil and other oil heavy color, smell, usually after re-distillation ((cut) for re-processing of oil, oil line after conventional pickling, clay treatment Become the base oil or light color diesel oil. The imported bleaching deodorizer, waste oil distillation (cutting) process added so that the distillation (cut) out of the line oil, the color from the traditional 8 to 12, into a low To No. 2, do not pickling, clay and other post-processing processes, directly as a base oil or deployment of oil use, both environmentally friendly and cost savings.

The green oil discoloring method, the fast realization of waste oil recycling, and out of line oil for a long time storage does not change color, good stability, significant cost savings and shorten the disposal process and time. Its characteristics are obvious: the use of simple, significant role, no longer back to color, is currently the refining industry at all levels worthy of implementation of the decolorization approach.