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Yangzi Aromatics 2000 Tons Of New Catalyst Calibration Success
Dec 27, 2017


A few days ago, Yangzi Petrochemical Aromatics Factory overhaul this year, the new replacement of more than 2000 tons of new catalyst performance calibration results showed that: the catalyst performance has been greatly improved, the conversion rate increased significantly, G scale further decline, the device operating capacity And further improve the process conditions for the next phase of the joint unit of high-performance safe and stable long-term operation to create the conditions.

Yangzi Aromatic Plant has three major characteristics of this new catalyst calibration: the number of catalysts is the highest in calendar year; the duration is longer than any of the previous years; the implementation of calibration scheme has been carried out in two different stages and the operation flow is more complicated. Since the vast majority of new catalysts replaced this year are upgrades and replacements independently developed by the state, the entire calibration work has been closely coordinated with the specific guidance of the relevant departments of the company and suppliers and patent agencies, not only supervising and collecting the first Hand information, but also for the catalyst for the follow-up technical support to actively seek cooperation in the experience.

Yangtze aromatic plant from the beginning of September to proceed with the calibration work, the factory set up a special calibration of the leading group, led by the competent factory in charge of specific, through technical regular meeting brainstorming, held a number of special topics will improve the calibration program, according to the different process flow, It is divided into 2 stages. Over the entire calibration process, it has overcame the limitations of natural gas use, the operation conditions of the refinery and the adjustment of the process parameters of the winter plant to ensure the large balance of hydrogen, material, acid gas and fuel, Device fluctuations and product yield, quality error.

In the process of optimizing the calibration scheme, the Yangtze Aromatic Plant adopted a two-step measure according to the further expansion of the scale of the combined plant and the complexity of the process of the new and the old plants. In the first stage, the 2 # hydrocracking, The reformation and 1 # sulfur recovery unit were calibrated. During the continuous high-load operation of 72 hours, the performance of the catalyst, process conditions and overall energy consumption were mainly evaluated. In the second stage, all the equipment in the old area was continuously operated for 3 days Full load operation assessment, taking into account the complexity of the old district system and equipment capacity, aromatics plant put more effort to optimize the operation of the system, has in advance on the xylene and 1 # reformer load was adjusted, According to the characteristics of the device to track the quality changes, especially for the adsorption tower operating performance of the whole process of monitoring. Period aromatic plant specifically organized a calibration security forces, technology, equipment and technicians 24-hour on-site bodyguards, leaders of various units adhere to the calibration line at night.

The calibration has been the quality inspection center, electrical branch and the three major patent agents of the strong support of the quality control center analysis frequency doubled compared to usual, to ensure on-call; electrical shop in the field to ensure the normal equipment On the basis of operation, the power consumption during calibration was comprehensively monitored. Fushun, Shanghai and the three suppliers of Chinese Academy of Sciences kept enough manpower on site to collaborate with on-site operators to collect and grasp first-hand data at any time.