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Zhao Yin: To Extend The Life Of The Catalyst
Jan 02, 2018

December 16, nearly 10 cubic meters of successful "resurrection" activated carbon in Jilin Petrochemical Lianli company has been applied for a whole month, the effect is very satisfactory. This makes the Institute of Organic Catalysts Research Institute, Zhao Yin catalyst experts excited, because it is using the method he proposed only to make this nearly 10 cubic meters of activated carbon successfully "revived."

Mention "resurrection", may wish to start from scratch.

Kyrgyzstan Union Company to pay the station to pay gasoline recovery unit for the adsorption of volatile oil used in activated carbon has been to the end. In order to save costs, the factory on the recommendation of industry experts, the factory steam activated carbon in vivo regeneration. However, with two or three days, activated carbon adsorption becomes worse and worse, can not meet the production needs.

Zhao Yin is Jilin Petrochemical catalyst experts, the factory gallery has exhibited his deeds, so they are holding the idea of trying to find him to find a solution.

"Regeneration of steam does not work, probably because of low temperature, which needs to be unloaded to regenerate in vitro." Zhao Yin made a judgment after the site investigation.

First of all, to determine the regeneration temperature and time and other process conditions. Zhao Yin led his research team on the deactivated activated carbon did thermal gravimetric analysis experiments, through the image observed activated carbon adsorption of substances under what circumstances decomposition.

A few days later, with the air heating calcination method, under high temperature conditions for 4 hours of regeneration process conditions identified. Zhao Yin immediately made contact with the factory.

Device parking, nearly 10 cubic meters of activated carbon removed, according to the process conditions provided by him for regeneration. November 16, after the regeneration of activated carbon back. After a month of application assessment, after the regeneration of activated carbon adsorption are very satisfactory, fully meet the production needs.

A seemingly simple idea, but solved the big problem of the factory, this emboldened from his real accumulation. He "revived" the catalyst for foreign experts to "pronounce sentence to death".

In August this year, Jilin Petrochemical Organic Synthesis Plant styrene plant replacement catalyst, remove 13.2 tons of inactivated molecular sieve catalyst, these catalysts are synthetic ethylbenzene hydrocarbon and anti-hydrocarbon two catalysts. Because two years ago, Zhao Yin succeeded in regenerating a batch of deactivated catalyst at the factory, the factory once again found him.

"Theoretically, all zeolite catalysts can be regenerated. However, the anti-alkylation catalyst is different from the alkylation catalyst. It has a long life expectancy, foreign experts believe that the catalyst can not be regenerated. There are also factories do not believe, have tried to regenerate, but The results have failed.So, normally, the batch of catalyst as soon as it reaches the end of its life, it should be unloaded for burial. "Zhao Yin said.

However, Zhao Yin does not want to press "normal", he wants to challenge the foreign manufacturers, to make chemical production more economical and more environmentally friendly.

He led the research team devoted themselves to the test, step by step test. However, the results of the small-scale anti-alkylation catalyst are not ideal. This result did not discourage Zhao Yin. Foreign experts' testimony and the failure of some factories to regenerate prove that the general approach is irreproducible.

He started from the microstructure, from the mechanism to solve the problem. He consulted a lot of information, but also consulted some domestic industry experts, through a large number of experiments, and ultimately through a special method, the successful solution to the problem.

In order to ensure the success of industrial regeneration, he took 100 kg of hydrocarbon catalyst and anti-hydrocarbon catalyst from the factory for industrial tests. The result was satisfactory. Another batch of catalysts that were sentenced to death were finally reborn.

In this way, Zhao Yin and his research team on the one hand to carry out innovation, bear the role of research scientist, on the other hand, he is like a doctor for the factory to resolve incurable diseases, for a variety of catalysts, additives continue the life . In 2017, they optimized the process conditions for ethylene plants, and this alone led to a factory-creation efficiency of more than 100 million yuan.

Zhao Yin in the evaluation of anti-alkylation catalyst test, the evaluation of anti-hydrocarbon evaluation of the sample.