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3000 Before The Weak Rebound Eventually Appear To Fall Further Into A Catalyst?
Jan 11, 2018

A continuous decline in approaching the 3000 mark on the occasion, A shares finally rebounded in the concept of security, new, the Belt and Road and other sections of the rebound together, both the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock index bottomed out on Thursday recovered, closing There is a slight increase in the amount, but how long such a rebound trend can last, market participants generally still suspect.

From the trend of the stock index throughout the day, the stock index opened lower in the morning after the shock still maintained the trend of the recent turmoil in the afternoon when the Shanghai Composite Index approached the 3000-point integer, the dips in support of capital began to enter the market, Hung On, times new, Belt and Road Other sectors such as funds to become the main target of intervention, the stock then started the trend of shock recovery. The Shanghai Composite Index closed at 3061.50 points, up 8.72 points, or 0.29%, turnover of 1976 billion yuan; Shenzhen Component Index closed at 9776.45 points, up 19.64 points, or 0.20%, turnover of 229.4 billion yuan; GEM Index closed at 1772.41 points, Up 1.09 points, or 0.06%, turnover of 65.6 billion yuan. The total transaction volume of the two cities totaled 427 billion yuan a day, a slight increase over the previous day.

Although the index retreated on Thursday when approaching an integer of 3,000 points, the volume and capacity could also increase slightly, but this did not relieve market participants' worries about the follow-up trend. Market participants generally believe that after the intraday rebound in the stock index has been frequently blocked or that short trend is not over yet, technical recovery is not surprising in the Powei index, but after the complete Powei M may be the formation of the trend to accelerate panic down. At this point, the market will have a medium-term chance after the risk is released. Otherwise, all the way all the way Yindie resistance, bargain-hunting will only become a catalyst for further decline, it is recommended for the weak rebound or to be cautious to participate, fast forward fast-based.

Huaxin Securities strategist Yan Kaiwen statistics by the statistics of the past 10 years, the market fell for the first time a year after the line and a month after the performance found that the first 10 years the fall of the annual line in the aftermath of the 2007 disaster Quotes, completed for the first time on February 1, 2008, went down 4.08% over the next five trading days and dropped 12.13% over the 30 trading days. The second breakout also took place in the bear market following the 2009 market for the bull market , Down 0.36% for the following 5 trading days on April 19, 2010 and down 13.82% on 30 trading days. The third punctuation occurred in the volatile market for the next five transactions on November 17, 2010 Rose 0.74% over the next 30 days fell 3.08%; the fourth wear is also occurred in the trend of decline in the market, followed by five trading days index rose 0.58%, the next 30 days fell 8.4% ; The fifth to wear on June 13, 2013, the next five days fell 2.99%, down 5.92% the next 30 trading days; the sixth to wear in the 2015 stock market crash among the August 24, 2015 The pair gained 0.7% in the next five sessions and gained 1.64% in the 30 trading days thereafter.

Statistics show that over the past 10 years, the effective rate of 6 annual sales of the company for the next five trading days has maintained a stable upward trend at a probability of 66%. In the following 30 trading days, the probability of a drop is high and the probability of a decline is 83%. %, And the average decrease of 8.67%. Therefore, although there are operating recommendations or weak rebound, but still defensive.