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China Petroleum Catalyst Independent Innovation Has Taken The Key Step
Jan 15, 2018

April 25 reporter was informed that China Petroleum and Petrochemical Research Institute pyrolysis gasoline series hydrogenation catalyst has covered all domestic ethylene plant of China Petroleum, Sinopec, CNOOC, China Chemical Industry. On April 16, the hydrocracking catalyst before the de-propane of carbon two independently developed by Petrifaction Academy successfully drove in Daqing Petrochemical's first industrial application test. This marks the CNPC ethylene ethylene catalyst technology, design and other complete sets of independent innovation technology has taken the key step, "production and sales research" integration to a new level.

On April 10, a nickel hydride hydrogenation catalyst LY-2008 and a second-stage hydrogenation catalyst LY-9802, which are independently developed by the Institute of Petrochemical Technology, were used in the second phase of CNOOC Shell Petrochemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1.2 million tons / year Ethylene project and cracked gasoline hydrogenation catalyst won the international bidding. This is the second successful promotion of Sino-foreign joint ventures following the joint venture of Fujian Province and BASF in Yangpuzi, pioneering the first batch of domestic ethylene plant with a capacity of over 1 million tons / year and the first use of homemade pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation catalyst.

On April 16, the industrial application experiment of pre-de-propane hydrogenation catalyst for carbon two started successfully. After hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline of ethylene plant, hydrogenation of acetylene, acetylene hydrogenation of MTO plant and hydrogenation of polyethylene raw material, Petrochemical Institute in the field of ethylene catalyst series research and development of the birth of the "fifth Golden Flower", indicating that PetroChina's ethylene technology to take the autonomy of a step forward.

The pre-hydrogenation of carbon two is a new technology produced by large-scale ethylene technology. The material composition is complex and the imported products are used for a long time in China. In 2007, SINOPEC commenced the small-scale catalyst development, and subsequently started the cooperation project with Daqing Petrochemical to determine the industrialization test of a 270,000 t / a ethylene ethylene partial hydrogenation reactor. The drive, Sinopec and Daqing Petrochemical cooperation project research and development team pioneered the proposal to start without filling CO, 2 hours export product standards, 4 hours device process parameters stable, in response to volatile material composition conditions , The reactor runs stably, reaches the requirement of the device, and the catalyst performance has been praised by the application manufacturers.