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Sino-South Korea Petrochemical Successful Trial Of HAR New Catalyst
Jan 19, 2018

China Petrochemical News Network News September 12, China and South Korea STPP petrochemical polyolefin division under the guidance of experts in the North Institute, the successful trial of HAR new catalyst.

Compared with the DQC catalyst currently used in the plant, the HAR catalyst has a higher stereospecificity and can increase the activity of the catalyst by 2.5 to 3.5 times, greatly reducing the amount of triethylaluminum and electron donor addition and To reduce the product ash to 50ppm or less. HRA-type catalyst also has high hydrogen regulation, can reduce hydrogen consumption. The cast film products produced by using this catalyst have the characteristics of high gloss, low crystallization point and little ash so that the cast film product grades are greatly improved and can be applied in the field of aluminized cast film.

This time, STPP devices fully absorb the experience of other devices to try new catalysts, write programs in advance, and repeatedly study the reaction parameters. On September 12, with the qualified analysis of each index of the products, HRA catalyst was successfully applied to STPP devices, laying a solid foundation for the Company to seize the market of cast film.