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Selected Litter Box, Get Meow Stars!
Feb 28, 2018

Cat first arrived, in order to prepare the litter box is really broken heart, choose tall or civilians? What type of meow adults more in mind? In fact, very simple:

Open or closed

Open toilet

Easy to clean, easy for cats to enter and exit, the most widely used, but easy to leak odor, but also easily cat litter

Closed toilet

Can effectively prevent the odor spilled, not easy to bring out the cat litter, but if you do not change, because of hermeticity, cat toilet odor will be heavier, and only one out of the door, sensitive cats will refuse to go to the toilet! Be careful with the closed litter box, sharing will lead to discordant Oh

Single or double


There are railing separated from the cat litter, mat pad below the main application is not clumps or catching the case of cat litter urine, cat urine after litter cat litter flow down to the urine pad cat litter package will be cat litter, easy to use

Single layer

Suitable for lump cat litter, cat urine will form a group, cat litter will be litter wrapped, easy shovel out.