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Countries Can Vote Ling: Definition Of Clean Energy Sources Should Not See The Body To See Emissions
Mar 01, 2018

In 2017, China guodian group and shenhua group merged into the national energy investment group, becoming a major event in the energy field.

Ling wen, a member of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), director of the national energy investment group and deputy secretary of the party group, told the daily economic news on March 2 that he couldn't conceal his joy when he spoke about it.

The restructuring is not only the central requirement, but the company itself is willing to implement it, ling said. "we have really developed very well after the restructuring of guodian."

According to ling, the strategic restructuring of state-owned assets advocated by the central government is the broad direction of future development, which will also promote the integrated development of coal and electricity.

, when talking about coal electricity integration development LingWen what need to be fair and objective view this energy of coal, the coal industry's attitude to do justice, "the definition of clean energy, should not only look at birth, but to see emissions."

The main energy status is difficult to shake.

In the process of energy structure transformation, there are endless views on "coal removal", "coal life" and "coal final conclusion".

Ling said that coal is not a bad idea.

In fact, coal is a good thing, but it has not been solved before.

China's coal-based energy structure will not change for a long time.

So it's my duty to do the coal.

According to the 13th five-year plan and related documents of the coal industry, China's energy consumption is expected to be 5 billion tons in 2020, and coal consumption is expected to be 4.1 billion tons (2.8 billion tons of coal), accounting for about 58 percent.

Domestic and foreign authoritative agencies predict the future coal consumption ratio in China: 45% in 2030 and 40% in 2050.

It can be seen that for a long period of time, coal's status as the main energy source is difficult to shake.

'coal has problems we can solve, such as security, our current level is very close to the international level,' ling said.

On the clean side, you should talk about indicators, not about birth.

At present, the safety level of coal production in China and the ultra-low emission technology of electric coal have been very advanced, and there are solutions to clean and utilize coal, boiler coal and loose coal.

In terms of coal, ling said, "we are burning coal, but the level of emissions has reached the level of natural gas emissions, and emissions are even lower."

Ministry and state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued the coal-fired power plant air pollutants emission standards specified in the gas generator smoke emission standard limit of 5 mg/m3 35 mg/m3, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, 50 mg/m3.

According to lingwen, about 70 percent of China's coal-fired power plants now meet the standard of 5mg/m3, which is expected to meet the standard by 2020.

And the national energy group is in the forefront of this emission control.

According to ling, the national energy group's emissions have been below 5mg/m3, and future emissions will be reduced to 1mg/m3, which is only 1/5 of the emissions of natural gas.

In terms of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, ling said: "in fact, the emission of sulphur dioxide in most power plants in China is now below 35mg/m3, and the future target is 10mg/m3.

The emission of nitrogen oxides, China can now basically be 50mg/m3, we require the power plant of the national energy group to be within 20mg/m3 in the future, which is lower than the national standard.

Still has the price advantage.

According to ling, coal-fired power plants have a price advantage in addition to ultra-low emission technologies.

"The electricity price that coal-fired power plants sell to the grid is basically 0.35 yuan, and even with ultra-low emissions technology, it costs a penny more, which means coal can be sold to the grid for 0.36 yuan."

According to ling, the gas is clean, and the people (59.750, -0.24, -0.40%) are willing to use it, but if coal-fired power is cleaner than natural gas and cheaper, it has the advantage of development.

In addition, in terms of industrial boiler, LingWen said, now the construction, chemical industry, metallurgy, small kiln and other industrial boilers, also have very good ultra-low emissions technology solutions, countries are vigorously promoting.

High-profile civil coal, LingWenZe pointed out that there are clean coal technology, coal processed, sulfur, nitrogen is removed from coal in the extracted first, and then after processing of coal clean stoves for the people, burning, so will not emit haze substances.

"So I want to say, now we are in technology, both thermal coal, boiler, coal or loose coal pollution control solutions, our country and boundary less, relatively rich coal gas, there are so many why not take advantage of coal resources?"

Ling stressed that there is still room for the future of coal power.

In 2016, the state council issued the national science and technology innovation plan for the 13th five-year plan, and deployed six major science and technology projects and nine major projects.

The clean and efficient use of coal is one of the nine major projects.

Planning requirements to accelerate the development of coal green, high power, coal clean conversion of coal, coal pollution control, carbon capture and sequestration core key technology research and development, demonstrated and the use of a batch of advanced technology, coal-fired power generation and low emissions technology to realize the overall, leading all-round technical implementation of modern coal chemical industry and a major breakthrough.

Ling said that the project is led by the national energy investment group, which will focus on the research and development of the industry and research, and give play to the advantages of the system.

"I am the head of the project myself."

Ling said that taking on such a project would promote clean, efficient and sustainable use of coal around the world by 2030.