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Representatives Of Petrochemical Industry Revealed The Industry Aspirations
Mar 02, 2018

On March 3, the national two sessions kicked off, and representatives from the oil and chemical industry gathered in Beijing to discuss the issue.

China chemical industry news reporters learned that they brought a lot about the proposal to promote the development of industry, high quality, hope to solve the problem of industry present bottlenecks, accelerate the construction of petrochemical world powers.

Jien-ming jue and board chairman of the CPPCC national committee, Mr. G group think that the world first-class, petrochemical power key innovation, enterprise is the main body of technological innovation, should become the subject of the transformation of technology transfer.

He is looking forward to improving the capacity of enterprise technology transfer transformation into the construction scheme of national technology transfer system, set up a state-level enterprise technology transfer center construction special plan, key support industry leading enterprises and large enterprises to set up the enterprise technology transfer center.

Deputy to the National People's Congress, dongyue group chief scientist yong-ming zhang suggested that to increase support to the enterprise of science and technology research and development funds, can try to a certain proportion of enterprises pay tax return, used in scientific research.

The agrochemical industry is the "old" industry, but it is getting new life.

Consecutive two session of the sixth National People's Congress delegates to the national annual step, Jin Zhengda group chairman, even the prepared four Suggestions, content related to improving the quality of cultivated land, promote agricultural producer services development to lose weight, increase agricultural quality efficiency, such as structural reform of deepening fertilizer supply side "SAN nong" focus and hot issues.

"I want to bring the most ardent voices from agriculture, rural areas and farmers to the meeting and do some solid work to help the country revitalize its strategic goals."

He said.

Wang jinshu, a representative of the National People's Congress and chairman of shandong yuhuang chemical industry, has made Suggestions on the development of new energy in one of the strategic emerging industries.

He believes that the current state subsidies for new energy vehicles are not reasonable enough and should be extended to core key links such as the development of new energy batteries.

Xue guanglin, a member of the national committee of the Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC), chairman of the board of directors of guanghui oil, and deputy chairman of the National People's Congress (NPC) and chairman of the golden hair technology, yuan zhimin, made Suggestions on reducing the cost burden of the real economy.

Xue Guanglin want countries to reduce the real economy, the cost of financing from the supply side of the capital source and supply, inventory and curb usury, at the same time provide companies issuing corporate bonds, listing financing and so on.

Mr Yuan wants a further reduction in corporate income tax.

China aerospace science and technology group institute 7416 fourth factory "gunpowder carving" workers Xu Liping oil production plant, petrochina jilin oilfield monitor cai-yun li chun-sheng zhang, lanzhou petrochemical, jinling petrochemical general manager, deputy director of nitrile rubber synthetic rubber factory workshop Zheng Caiqin etc on behalf of all pay attention to the cultivation of the National People's Congress has the spirit of the craftsman's the topic of high-skilled personnel, and high-skilled talent training base, the construction of surrounding university-enterprise cooperation method, cultivating innovation "spirit", promoting "originality culture", etc., some practical Suggestions are put forward.

The National People's Congress on behalf of the fourth oil production plant, petrochina daqing oilfield geological workers ms sun fly is put forward, to further improve the treatment of front-line workers, set up more scientific workers occupational qualification standards.

In addition, the National People's Congress, party secretary of petrochina liaoyang petrochemical, general manager xue-feng bai, speed up the construction of China's natural gas ChanGong store pin system, pushing "coal to gas", to ease winter gas shortage situation.

He guangliang, NPC deputy and chairman of the National People's Congress, proposed to increase the utilization of phosphogypsum resources to promote the green ecological development of phosphorus chemical industry.

Xu guanghan, NPC deputy and chairman of the group, wants the country to complement its supply chain service system.